About Gjun
Being aware of the significance of English toward future career planning, Gjun Language Institute was established in 2001 and it is the first language learning institution granted ISO Certification in Taiwan. To facilitate the effectiveness of language learning process, Gjun Language Institute has developed ECAM (English Conversation Activities Members) program, which includes circular group classes, after-class tutoring, and monthly interactive ECAM courses.
Our Teaching Philosophy
"Imitate、Practice and Apply"
What we are proud of is to provide not merely an outstanding learning environment, but an effective and efficient English learning process to assist students in improving their language skills.
Our courses include
  • Phonics
  • Conversation
  • Business English
  • Tests Preparation for TOEIC and GEPT
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Grammar and Writing
  • Practical Theme Courses
  • Private Tutoring
  • Professional Certification Courses

Gjun Language Institute has been established for 10 years with a vision of being "Professional", "Service-oriented" and "Practical".
  • Through strict examination of resumes, Gjun only employs qualified and professional teachers. Teachers' evaluation will be given at the end of each course to assure teaching quality.
  • Professional learning consultants are well trained to provide thorough and complete English learning information, and to arrange appropriate courses for each student.
  • Gjun Language Institute also provides premium services to students, including after-class consultation and learning advice.
Learning Environment
Gjun Language Institute provides a Five-Star environment to make learning more delightful and enjoyable. Each of our branches provides:
  • World-wide scenery classrooms:Exotic and lively classroom settings make learning more interesting.
  • Tutoring zone:Unlike typical classroom, tutoring zone provides simple and comfortable seats making learning more relaxing.
  • Multimedia Zone:Students are able to use multimedia discs attached to books or magazines through facilities in the zone to get more practice.
  • Self-Study Zone:The area provides various additional learning resources allowing students to enhance their language skills anytime.
Teacher Wanted
Gjun Language Institution is looking for self-motivated and dedicated teachers.
Foreign Teachers
  1. Native English-speaker of Canadian, American, UK, or Australian citizenship.
  2. A Bachelor's Degree or above.
  3. 2 years of teaching experience with adult learners.
  4. A TESOL degree or a TEFL certificate will be a plus.
  5. Enthusiasm and good work ethics are required.
  6. Both part-time or full-time jobs available.
English Teachers
  1. Bachelor degree.
  2. A GEPT (High-Intermediate) or TOEIC (900 up) certificate is preferable.
  3. 2 years of teaching experience with adult learners.
  4. Enthusiasm and good work ethics are required.
  5. Both part-time or full-time jobs available.
How to apply
  1. Please E-MAIL your resume or C.V.
  2. Upon receiving your resume, we will arrange an interview ASAP.

Regarding the interview:
The interview lasts 1 hour, including:
  1. Fill in the application form
  2. A 20-30 mins teaching demo
  3. Interview
Please note that we only arrange the interview for individuals who are available for in-person interviews.
Online application
Basic Personal Information
(Please include country code.)
(Please include country code.)
Current Location
(Must not be default value.)
Please check the Visa Requirements page to determine your Visa eligibility for the country you wish to teach in.
Please select where you would like to work.
Preference 1
Preference 2
Preference 3
University Degree?
Please check the Certifications page to determine your eligibility for this position.
TEFL Certification
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Upload your CV
(File format:.doc,.docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx and .zip. Files must be under 2 MB in file size.)
Upload a photo
(File format:.jpg, .png and .gif. Files must be under 2 MB in file size.)
*Any personal information you provide is solely for this recruiting. Gjun will not give the information to a third party or use it for any other reason.
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